Eagle County vs. Buzzard County!

A message for Eagle County Voters  by  Joanne Harris

Dear Eagle County Residents and Voters –

Eagle flying illustration, ColorPrimary Election Day – Tuesday, June 24th 2014 is an important date to help shape the future of our County!

The question is – Will you vote to support Eagle County – or – Vote like you’re living in Buzzard County?

It’s time for other Constitutional Conservatives – like myself to help put Eagle County back on the right track.

Right Track?  Yes, where our Community’s Public Safety is Job One!  A strong local Economy with an excellent, Drug Free, Public School system that everyone can be proud of.  A Community that is always Family Friendly for the Sports and Recreational activities – we all enjoy.Old-Buzzard-Smoking-Pot-22JUN2014

It’s time to elect individuals who (like me) see expanded drug availability as a growing threat to Public Safety and to our Children we’re raising here in our home – Eagle County.

I ask you to consider these Candidates on your GOP, Primary Ballot in this Tuesday’s Election.

Mike Kopp for Colorado Governor

Chuck McConnell – Colorado State House Representative – House District 26

James Van Beek – Eagle County Sheriff

Let’s keep our EAGLE FLYING!


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