Medal of Honor – CPL. William Carpenter (USMC – Ret.)

by   Cheryl Jensen and Jennifer Lucas

Does the Vail Veterans Program – Make a Difference?

You bet it does – and here is one recent example – Vail Veterans Program, Alumni – Cpl. William Kyle Carpenter (USMC, Ret.).


Cpl. Carpenter was summoned to the White House – on Thursday, June 19th 2014 to receive his U.S. Medal of Honor.  This is the highest Military Honor Award – given to individuals for acts of Valor above and beyond the call of duty.  Cpl. Carpenter is the second of only (2) living Marines to receive the Medal of Honor due to his efforts serving in Afghanistan.  To read more of Cpl. Carpenter’s incredible story about saving the lives of other U.S. Marines (Click Here)


The Vail Veterans Program – Supports our great nations Military Injured and their Families.  To learn more about how YOU can support our Vets through the Vail Veterans Program (Click Here) or just click on the graphic below –

Thanks Again – Cheryl Jensen and Jennifer Lucas –



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