Noble House – Part II ?

by    the fans of James Clavell


In a recent Real Estate Development acquisition in Vail, Colorado – Developer Peter Noble bought and closed on the Vail property known as the ‘Evergreen Lodge’.

Its’ the property located next to (just west) of the Vail Hospital and across the street from Vail’s Municipal Building.

Noble (not withstanding his Cheshire Cat smile) seems to be sitting in the proverbial “Catbird Seat” – as both the Vail Hospital and the Town of Vail have some ideas and desires for expansion and redevelopment of that real estate area in Vail.

Vail Resident and Property magnate – Merv Lapin also has some ideas as well.

Big Money, Big Egos, Big desire to be in control.  Hence ECT’s reference to “Noble House” Part II.  Keep your eye on this one – this Vail novel is just getting warmed up… 

As for the Vail Hospitals ‘Helipad’ Peter – take a listen to this gas turbine engine (it’s just idling) on this ‘Flight for Life’ Helicopter – sitting squarely on the current Vail Hospital – Helipad.  This YouTube Video of the Vail Helipad in action – provided by Jimmy Olsen Videos.


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