Vail’s Community Survey – June 2014

by   The Town of Vail

There is no question that in Eagle County today (June 2014) our central “Economic Engine” – is Vail.  From Real Estate to Restaurants, Lodging to EGE Airport activity – what happens in and around Vail – is the driver of Eagle County’s Economy today.


That fact is what makes this Town of Vail Community Survey (June 2014) worth a genuine “look see”.  The Survey the Town of Vail Taxpayers paid for is 75 pages long.

You can get your PDF copy of that Survey by (Clicking Here)

Of Note?  Yes, one topic in particular caught the attention of the ECT folks.

It’s (4) pages from about the middle of their Survey – and exposes the obvious change in local attitudes about Marijuana.  It’s access and use.  (Click Here)  57% of those Surveyed did NOT want increased availability of Marijuana in any form…

31% did say they were in favor.  The Survey went on to expose this 31% demographic as the majority of younger folks – who the ECT will argue (as a group) are less “affluent” as an economic class.

Recall on Tuesday last week (17JUN2014) the elected Vail Town Council voted to continue their Marijuana Ban in Vail.  No Pot stores, No increased access to any Cannabis based products.  This fact comes along after Vail Resorts – has made it abundantly clear that they DO NOT favor any Marijuana use on any of their Resort Mountains in Colorado.  VR’s Resort Mountains operate on leased Federal Property – where any Marijuana use is illegal under Federal Law today.


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