SCOTUS – What you need to know

by  Clayton Moore

The U.S. Supreme Court handed down several of their decisions at the end of last month – June 2014.  (Click Here)

There is one decision handed down – the (Hobby Lobby) case that caught the ECT’s attention because of how it was reported by the media.

The Case in short – 1st Amendment (Religious Freedom) vs. the legal requirements of Obamacare.

Obama Judges

This Case and the Decision was so poorly reported in the media – it needs to be covered in this weeks ECT so you can factually understand what the Supremes (5-4) ruled.

The Constitutional question:  Can a privately held company (Hobby Lobby) be compelled by the Government to (pay for) Contraceptives that are in conflict with their Religious beliefs?

The Supreme’s Answer:  No.  (5-4)

Now for the Interesting Part – the left-leaning media – completely and deliberately misinformed Americans!

What you need to know.  The Facts of their Ruling.

FACT:  There are a class of “contraceptives” (~4 different pills/choices) that are specifically designed to terminate a pregnancy immediately AFTER fertilization of any egg by a sperm.  The so called “day after” pill, among others.

FACT:  The Religious belief (protected by our 1st Amendment) held by the Plaintiff’s (Hobby Lobby) is that – “life begins at Fertilization/Conception” – and that any Contraceptive specifically designed to terminate that pregnancy/fertilization – amounts to (in their Religious Belief) an Abortion.

FACT:  The Court ruled (5-4) that Hobby Lobby (as an employer) cannot be compelled to pay for (under Obamacare) those specific (post-fertilization) contraceptives for their employees.

Got it?

FACT:  Pre-fertilization contraceptives are still paid for by Hobby Lobby (and the rest of employers) under Obamacare.  Other employers can now choose to pay for (or not) the Post-Fertilization contraceptives objected to by the Plaintiff (Hobby Lobby).

FACT:  There has been zero change in the access and commercial availability of all Contraceptives to women and men under this very limited ruling.  Fact is, Women desiring a Post-Fertilization contraceptive can still easily get them – they just have to pay for them, themselves…or (example) visit Planned Parenthood.

FACT:  The (5-4) Ruling was limited to “who can be compelled to pay for what” under Obamacare.

Now for how the left leaning Media (led by public statements from Hillary Clinton) reported this Supreme Court Ruling…

1 – As some sort of continuing “war on women”!

2 –  That women would no longer have access to contraceptives they could easily buy the week before!  Or under Obamacare – could possibly have someone else pay for.

The lying and disingenuous nature of the liberal media in the Country is alarming.  They simply have an agenda to promote – and lying publically and repeatedly to promote that liberal agenda is completely unacceptable – and the ECT will add – insulting to reasonable and intelligent women everywhere.

The ECT has our own agenda.  It’s called “telling the truth”.  And we do.

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