Where did all those Eagle County Primary Votes – Come from?

by   Clayton Moore and Eagle County’s Clerk and Recorders office

It’s time to recap – the June 24th 2014 – Primary Election results for Eagle County, Colorado.

The slow release of these (now legally certified) Primary Election results – was due to the State of Colorado’s delay in legally “certifying these results”.

OK – What has the ECT got?

Eagle County election results (by Precinct) for the Republican and Democrat voters.  Total Vote Counts ONLY.  The EC Clerk’s office didn’t tabulate theharvie-wtih-teak individual “candidate” results by Eagle County Precinct.  ECT just has voter totals to share – by political party.

Caution:  These Eagle County by “Precinct” vote totals can be very confusing.

Example:  An Eagle County “Precinct” named “Beaver Creek” includes in their Precinct voters who live in “west” Eagle Vail – hence the Vote totals for the “Beaver Creek” Precinct greatly exceed the number of permanent Registered voters living in Beaver Creek (proper).  Got it?  This (geographical confusion/boundary) issue applies to other Eagle County Precincts as well.  Interested parties can contact the EC Clerk’s Office (W  970.328.8600) – although after speaking to the Clerk’s office…(you may leave) more confused than when your started asking about “precinct geographical boundaries”.

Just (Click On) the Graphic below to download a more “readable” PDF copy of the information below.


FACT:  The largest “block” of voters in Eagle County today are the “unaffiliated” voters not currently Registered to either R nor D political party…

FACT:  The Primary Ballot that individual (R and D) voters voted on – looked different.  The R ballot had the Republican Sheriff candidates and the D Ballot the Democrat County Commissioner candidates.

Don’t worry.  This November 2014 – General Election Ballot will have all the candidates names on it – for you to choose.


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