Foregetaboutit–Avon City Council!

by   Clayton Moore

No Means NO! – Avon City Council!

Fact is:  Avon Voters said “NO” to your Tax Question on the November 2013 Ballot!


The answer is still NO!  Avon Councilmembers!  Stop turning Avon into Eagle County, Colorado’s #1 Tax Town!

Avon – Colorado’s #1 Tax Town? 

FACT:  Buying a home or condo in Avon costs you 2% (Real Estate Transfer Tax) to “buy in” and another 2% of your hard earned money – when you choose to sell your home and get out!  4% of your Avon Real Estate Investment paid to the local Government – now add to this the Real Estate Commission you pay a Realtor when you go to sell your home – and it’s easy to see why home prices in Avon – are not appreciating!  Wake up folks!

FACT:  Avon Property Owners just absorbed (2014) a new and additional Property Tax increase this year from the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District!

FACT:  The Eagle County Fire Protection District – also passed a new Permanent Property Tax increase in Avon, on the November 2012 ballot!  Ballot Question 5A.

Question:  Can you TRUST your Avon City Council to make good, Taxpayer responsible decisions?

NO!  Proof?  The Avon lawsuit against Traer Creek has cost the Avon Taxpayer ~$3Avon-Wal~Mart-Tax-9JUL2014 Million in legal fees…(nothing has been resolved) and still the Lawsuit goes on today!  Monday, July 21st 2014.

FACT:  As a point of “lawsuit settlement” the current Avon Town Council agreed to a new increased Sales Tax – that has raised the Sales Tax you pay at the Avon Wal~Mart – now to almost 10% (9.549%)

FACT:  It took “years” for the lake in Avon (actual Avon lake photo below) to be repaired to the point it could be used for Recreation again.  How can a reasonable Taxpayer trust what their Avon City Council is telling them about the cost and time frame to “improve” Avon’s existing Rec Center – if you agree to their (November 2014) Tax plan?

The Good News?  Yes!   4 Avon City Council seats are up for election this November 2014.  Isn’t it time to vote for some real “Budget Hawks” as in reasonable FISCAL CONSERVATIVES?




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