From the Street

by  Clayton Moore and the fans of Milton Friedman

Just When…

Just When did it become the responsibility of the Eagle County Taxpayer to GUARANTEE the profitability of a company that is owned and operated outside the United States?

air-canada-overtime-pay-lawsuitFact is – if you believe the Fishwrap (Click Here) – our Eagle County Commissioners voted recently to do – exactly that!

Make no Mistake – if a Private Sector non-profit or individual(s) want to work to provide a private sector subsidy – then the ECT folks have no problem/no issue with that plan.

It’s when the Eagle County Taxpayer is being used to pay for that Subsidy that the ECT folks “draw the line”.

Bottom Line:  If Air Canada cannot sell a (profitable) Airline Ticket from Toronto to our Eagle Airport – during the months of December and January – than the ECT suggests to Air Canada – that they STOPING DOING IT!

Fact is:  If the scheduled Air Canada Flight (it’s only once a week – by the way) doesn’t have many passengers on that Flight – that means “not many Ski Tourists” are staying in our Hotels, eating in our Restaurants nor tipping our Ground Transportation companies and Ski Instructors…now does it?

Fact is:  Guaranteeing Air Canada’s profitability (or any other airline) – creates ZERO incentive for Air Canada to (then) spend their marketing dollars – attracting Canadian Skiers to fly into our Eagle Airport!  Air Canada could simply use those (Eagle County Taxpayer dollars) marketing other Air Canada flights into sunny and warm Mexico (December – January)  the ECT folks will argue – that there are (many+1) more Canadian Tourists interested in flying to somewhere sunny & warm during the months of December and January – than there are Canadian skiers interested in flying into Colorado!

Are you paying attention, Mr. Mike Brown, Mr. Greg Phillips and Eagle County Commissioners?  You have ZERO control over exactly how Air Canada will spend that $115,000.00 Eagle County, taxpayer funded subsidy.

The Eagle County Taxpayer needs more “Budget Hawks” to run for Public Office and get Elected!

Oooops!  Art in Public Places? Avon’s Hoffman Commercial Real Estate!

There can be little question that Hoffman Commercial Real Estate – has been spending a bunch of money – giving Avon’s downtown Commercial areas – a needed “Facelift”.

Including this one…Seems…this “Pocahontas of the Parking Lot” originally got installed (backwards?) and has now been turn around 180 degrees.

…the Before…on the 4th of July


and now the After…Sunday, July 20th.  No it doesn’t swivel – it had to be remounted…



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