It needs to be Exposed!

Question – How is it possible for any individual to “know less than nothing”?

Answer – When…what that individual knows – is simply not true.

Case in Point:  A letter printed in the Daily Fishwrap (below) – discussing the recent Supreme Court Decision – in the Hobby Lobby case.

ECT will Prove it:   Carol L. Goldstein nor Dr. Jack Van Ens simply DO NOT know what they are talking about.  The opinions they are expressing is based on FALSE and grossly inaccurate information.  There can be little doubt that neither Van Ens nor Goldstein have ever read the text of that (5-4) decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The ECT covered the FACTS and the (5-4) decision in an earlier edition of the ECT.  (Click Here)

Summary of the Case Facts:

1 –  The Case in short – 1st Amendment (Religious Freedom) vs. the legal requirements of Obamacare.

2 – The Constitutional question:  Can a privately held company (Hobby Lobby) be compelled by the Government (under Obamacare) to (pay for) Contraceptives that are in conflict with their Religious beliefs?

3 – Fact:  There are a class of human “contraceptives” (~4 different pills/choices) that are specifically designed to terminate a pregnancy immediately AFTER fertilization of any egg by a sperm.  The so called “day after” pill, among others.

4 – The Religious belief (protected by our 1st Amendment) held by the Plaintiff’s (Hobby Lobby) is that – “life begins at Fertilization/Conception” – and that any Contraceptive specifically designed to terminate that pregnancy/fertilization – amounts to (in their Religious Belief) an Abortion.

5 – The Court ruled (5-4) that Hobby Lobby (as an employer) cannot be compelled to pay for (under Obamacare) those specific (post-fertilization) contraceptives for their employees.

6 – FACT:  Pre-fertilization contraceptives are still paid for by Hobby Lobby (and the rest of employers) under Obamacare.  Other employers can now choose to pay for (or not) the Post-Fertilization contraceptives objected to by the Plaintiff (Hobby Lobby).

7 –  FACT:  There has been zero change in the access and commercial availability of all Contraceptives to women and men under this very limited ruling.  Fact is, Women desiring a Post-Fertilization contraceptive can still easily get them – they just have to pay for them, themselves…or (example) visit Planned Parenthood.

Now – (below letter) by comparison is a text book example of an individual who has no idea what they are talking and writing about.

Shame on Ms. Goldstein and Shame on the Fishwrap and its so called “Editors” for printing this false and miss-leading letter in our Community.

The “Ens” does not Justify the Means…certainly not in this case.  Dr. Ens, Thomas Jefferson would have most certainly familiarized himself with the facts of the case before – writing about it.

Stop insulting our Communities intelligent and informed women!



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