Lt. Dan – at 4 Eagle Ranch last week

by  Buddy Sims (photography) and the fans of VFW Post 10721 Minturn, Colorado

Lt. Dan (a.k.a. Gary Sinise) stopped by 4 Eagle Ranch last week to join the members of VFW Post 10721 in a Fund raiser for the Board of Amerson Music Ministries and the Gary Sinise Foundation.  Gary’s Foundation (among others) helps build new homes for disabled Veterans all over the U.S.  Also on hand was Congressional Medal of Honor winner (Sammy Lee Davis – Vietnam) enjoying the festivities and music.

Interesting Factoid:  In making the movie Forest Gump – actual video footage was used of Sammy Lee Davis being presented his Medal of Honor from (then) President Johnson – actor Tom Hanks (head) was superimposed over Sammy Davis’s head – in that movie/video scene to make it look as though Forest was being presented with a Medal of Honor.

L-R   Buddy Sims, Larry Trotter, Gary Sinise (Lt. Dan), Jim Kleckner, VFW Post Commander – Pete Thompson.


Not to be confused with Forest Gump – Here is a photo of the real- Sammy Lee Davis with wife Dixie (2nd from right).  Photo at the Eagle County Airport (KEGE) last week.

L-R  Captain Robert Baron, Firefighter Kevin Rindy, Firefighter Mike Friel, Larry Trotter, Buddy Sims, Sammy Davis with his wife Dixie.

Meanwhile – more Music festivities at yesterday’s Farmer’s Market in Vail…

Viva La Femmes!  You look ‘Maaahvelous’…er…we mean Fabulous!

It’s hard to beat a Singing Trio that keeps their drinks – out front and their inflatable Guitars stowed safely behind them!  It could only be… The Fabulous Femmes – unmistakable!  L-R (Femme Fatale)  Kathy Morrow, Beth Swearingen and Sally Peterson



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