ECT – Question of the Week! – July 28th 2014

What we all Know:  Eagle County, Colorado has the HIGHEST Healthcare Insurance costs in the Nation.  (Click Here)

What we need to Know:  How will the Vail Hospital “Master Facility Plan” reduce our Health Insurance costs in Eagle County – when there is no proposed “Hospital Competition” being included in their Plans to Expand?

Recall:  Vail Resorts formally announced then DROPPED their Health Insurance coverage for ALL their “part-time” employees (Click Here) – August 2013.



4 responses

  1. This is exactly why we don’t need to elect another Democrat to State Senate from Vail. It will be more of the same.

    A vote for Independent Lee Mulcahy for State Senate in November will be a vote to nullify Obamacare in Colorado, legislation that benefits the giant corporations at the expense of the people.

    Remember Obamacare was written Big Pharma and the Insurance Giants — we can do better in Colorado.

    • ECT would like to hear/read what Lee Mulcahy’s plan is…to reduce Health Insurance costs in Eagle and Pitkin Counties. The current folks legislating (believe?) if they just re-draw lines on some map…our Health Insurance costs will go down. That’s a lie and a joke. The ONLY WAY we’ll ever see a reduction in Health Insurance costs – is if the Vail Hospital has some real competition.

      So what’s your plan? ECT would like to read it.

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