Menconi’s Profit – in this "non-Profit"

ECT thinks this Eagle County local – is an expert at profiting from “non-Profits”.

Their recent non-Profit moniker was “Crank it for a Cause” for a Summertime Eagle County Bike Ride (sans) their own fund raiser.

Indeed.  Their online web site description of this Bike Ride insists “all proceeds go to SOS Outreach.


OK – So let’s have a look at this “non-Profits” most recent Federal Tax Return – 2013 (Form 990) – that is a Public Record document.

From Page 8 of the 26 Page Tax Return….

Executive Director – Arn Menconi being paid $110,250.00/year and an additional “other compensation” of $12,002.00 – total $122,252.00 paid in calendar 2012…obviously 2 years ago.

His web site for this ride also insists that SOS Outreach is “an advocate for Social Justice”.  ECT is very impressed at how well self proclaimed “advocates for Social Justice” are paid!  For a complete look at this non-Profits Federal Tax return (Click Here)



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