Avon’s – 2nd Class Citizens

by  Clayton Moore

Are YOU one of Avon’s “second class citizens”?

Let’s find out.

1.)  Do you live in an Avon neighborhood that doesn’t have Town of Avon bus service?  Like – East Hurd Lane, Buffalo Ridge Apartments, Nottingham and Metcalf road(s) – WildwoodWestin-No-Skier-Parking and WildRidge neighborhoods? (Click Here)

2.)  Do you pay your Avon Property Taxes on time and in full?  Don’t forget the ~$3 Million paid into the Avon – Traer Creek Lawsuit over the past several years.  And you have (what?) to show for that multi-million dollar expense?

3.)  Do YOU have any PARKING in the core downtown areas of Avon that is always available to you and your family all year round?  When you, the Avon Taxpayer would like to use the Avon Gondola at the Westin – just where do you park so you and your family can access it during Ski season?

4.)  Do you know that the (proposed) Avon Rec Center expansion – plans to use part of the free (sometimes available) public parking at the Rec Center – in order to make room Avon-Parking-23APR2010for a new Ice Rink?  Yes, the current Avon Town Council wants to use more of your Tax Money – to further aggravate Avon’s atrocious Public Parking problem in the core of Avon today.

There is an answer to this poorly led and managed Town of Avon.  It’s YOU!  (4) elected Seats up on the Avon Town Council this November 2014.  If you’d make a good ‘Budget Hawk’ the ECT folks want to talk to you.

It’s time for you to make a difference.  Contact the EagleCountyTimes and we can get you started.


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