Grand Valley Surgery Center – It COSTS less!

by  Clayton Moore

Your Medical Costs and Insurance in Eagle and Pitken Counties in Colorado?

GVSCHere’s how to lower your Medical costs – in particular for the “Outpatient” class of Surgery – you may need.  This is obviously for medical care (Surgery among other services) that can be scheduled and does not require a lengthy in hospital stay.

The new (Western Slope) Grand Valley Surgery Center (970.298.7800) wants to talk to you.

Ask for Ms. Betsy Radca or Ms. Christina Pike for more information on the Medical Services (GVSC) can provide you, a family member or a friend today.  They are actively looking for new medical patients from both Eagle and Pitken Counties – and they know we pay the highest Medical Insurance costs in the nation – because our local Hospitals HAVE NO COMPETITION.  The nice folks at Grand Valley Surgery Center want to talk with you about how they can provide top flight Medical Services at a competitive and reasonable market price.

GVSC will quote rates over the phone…and can help provide information for (Hotel stays $59.00-$110.00/nite) if you and a family member may need a brief stay over nite in Grand Junction, Colorado.  As them about their knee and hip replacement procedures.  It’s time for YOU to take control of your and your families Medical costs.

Make that call today.  GVSC  970.298.7800  You can visit their web site by (Clicking Here)  Tell them the  asked you to call.


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