It’s Over! Finally!

by  Clayton Moore

Finally some positive news to report out of Avon!

Their lawsuit with Avon Developer Traer Creek is over and done!

On hand for a small celebration and light refreshments last week – at Castle Peak Grille in Avon was…

Below   L-R     Dan “I like red wine” Leary – local architect Harvey Robertson, Magnus Lindholm and Debbie “I prefer white wine” Buckley.  Tangible proof the ECT claims – that if you’re having your FAC drink at Castle Peak in Avon – you’re no doubt smiling….sometimes in the company of a Happy Swede too!

Insiders know that Castle Peak Restaurant (located just west of the Avon Wal~Mart) has a new Chef and a new MENU.  Check out the Prime Rib!  You’ll be glad you did!

Also in a Festive Mood this week – A short Video from Minturn’s own “Meadow Mountain String Band” performing at the Farmer’s Market in Vail, Colorado – Sunday, August 10th 2014.

2 responses

  1. Thank You for pushing the right buttons to get the truth about the Air Canada numbers.

    Clearly a very bad use of $115,000.00

    We in the Transportation business have know all along the money, say $500,000.00
    (due to customs costs)
    split among many of us (Town of AVON, Town of VAIL, AVON Hotels, BEV Hotels, Vail Hotels and maybe even Partnered Transportation companies and Destination Companies would make much more sense to get the following flights:

    MIAMI in the SUMMER again like the past
    Mexico City in the SUMMER – very BIG!

    Mexico City in the WINTER – hugh!
    Washington DC in the WINTER
    BOSTON in the WINTER

    and to guarantee the continuation of

    MIAMI in the WINTER
    NY in the WINTER
    LA in the WINTER

    • Thank you Jonathan for reading the ECT. Please share our web page address with others you believe would be interested.
      Why won’t the Fishwrap tell you the real story about the Air Canada numbers?

      1.) They’re addicted to the print advertising $$$ from the Airport and Eagle County
      2.) Don Rogers manages his people to the lowest “standards” imaginable.
      3.) The Fishwrap folks are Lazy.
      4.) All of the above

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