Avon’s Proposed – $18.4 Million in New Taxes!!!!!

by   Clayton Moore

It’s True.

The current Avon Town Council – wants the Avon Taxpayers to PAY a (proposed) $18.4 Million Dollars in NEW Avon Taxes!!!

Here is what their Proposed Town of Avon November 2014 Ballot language looks like – as of Friday, August 22nd 2014.  This proposed Ballot Language must be approved by Avon’s Town Council before it goes on the Ballot.


FACT:  Town of Avon voters – Turned DOWN this same Ballot Issue for more taxes for a  (Avon Rec Center Expansion) last year in November 2013.

FACT:  The Town of Avon current Property Tax Mill Levy is 12.258 Mills.  Only the Public School Levy is higher than Avon’s – for Avon Taxpayers.  If no new Property Taxes are imposed in Avon – the Avon Mill Levy will be reduced to 8.956 Mills in 2017…after the existing Bond debt (for all the Avon Round-a-Bouts) is retired…per Town of Avon Finance Director –Scott Wright.

FACT:  Under their current $18.4 Million dollar Tax Increase proposal – much more of the existing Public Parking around the Avon Rec Center – will be eliminated!  Where are the Avon Taxpayers (who are expected to pay this New Tax) going to Park?  Avon Taxpayers will undoubtedly get worse parking during Ski Season!

FACT:  The Town of Avon (already gets) 2% of your Avon’s Property Value (RETT – Real Estate Transfer Tax) when you purchase real property in Avon.  They also get an additional 2% – when you go to sell your Avon Property.  What do you think an additional $18.4Million in new Avon Taxes – is going to do to the VALUE of your Avon Property – should it be approved by the voters this November 2014?

FACT:  This same Avon Town Council is responsible for also increasing the Sales Tax you pay at Avon’s Wal~Mart and Home Depot to a new total of (9.549%).  Your increase came as part of the lawsuit settlement they negotiated with Avon Developer Traer Creek.

Avon has the 2nd HIGHEST Real Estate Transfer Tax in Eagle County at 2%.  Only the homes in Beaver Creek at 2.375% (RETT) is higher!

Avon has one of the HIGHEST Sales Tax Rates (9.549%) (Wal~Mart & Home Depot) in Eagle County today!


…and these current Avon Town Council members believe the best way to “make Avon better” is to impose an additional $18.4Million Dollars in new Avon Taxes!!!

This November 2014 – (4) new Avon Town Council Seats are up for election.  Isn’t it time to vote for some Avon candidates that are more interested in REDUCING your Taxes rather than increasing them?


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