FREE! iPhone 5 Battery! Well maybe…

by  Eric

Dateline:  Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

It’s a well known technology fact – that the Battery Life of Apple’s iPhone 5, Stinks!

Well…Apple themselves has finally admitted to that fact – and has actually done something about that – for a few iPhone 5 owners…

Apple has officially announced some of you iPhone 5 owners may be eligible for a free battery upgrade.  (Click Here)


All you have to do is put in your iPhone 5 Serial Number and press ‘Submit’.  You can find your iPhone 5 serial number here –   Settings, General, About and just scroll down to the field that says…’Serial Number’.  Simple enough – even an elected official should be able to handle that!   Good Luck!  Our iPhone 5 (with it’s poor battery) didn’t qualify.


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