National Weather Service – NOAA in the local News this week

by   the fans of Weather Radio WZ2518 – on top of Castle Peak, in Eagle, Colorado

Jim Pringle – of the National Weather Service in Grand Junction, Colorado contacted an Eagle County based, ECT contributor this week.

Jim is a ‘Warning Coordination Meteorologist’ based in Grand Junction and was instrumental in installing and testing of Eagle County’s own National Weather Service – Weather Radio – transmitting on 162.450Mhz from the top of Castle Peak in Eagle, Colorado.

Don’t have a Weather Radio?  No problem, you can still listen to that Weather Radio stream – via the Internet (Click Here)

SmartPhone users can also listen to that NOAA Weather Radio -anytime via the FREE “NOAA Radio” app – after downloading and installing just look for the ‘Eagle Weather Radio’ stream when you first configure it!

Of the (many+1) topics covered by Jim Pringle last week – Jim advised is that “since Eagle County is above the 90 degree east marker” – of his NEXRAD Radar (WSR-88D) Eagle County enjoys much more accurate Weather Radar picture of the current ‘Rain/Storm’ cells.  Below (actually >90 degrees east) the Radar doesn’t perform as well as NOAA would like.  1/2 of a degree of ‘skip’ off a few mountain peaks near the Crested Butte, Montrose Region of Colorado – is enough to challenge the performance/quality of the Radar images from that area!

(Screen Shot below from AM, Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 – Just before the start of the USA Pro Bicycle Challenge – time trials in Vail, Colorado)


You can see the current NEXRAD WSR-88D Radar image by (Clicking Here) and scroll down to the bottom of that web page.

Side Note:  This WSR-88D Radar is located on the top of the Grand Mesa (10,000 ft.) in Grand Junction, Colorado.  (Click Here) for the current webcam image from that Radar site!

WSR-88D =  Weather Surveillance Radar, 1988, Doppler

The folks are happy to assist Jim and his NWS team in Grand Junction, Colorado on their stated mission of “Building a Weather-Ready Nation”.  For us here at the ECT – is all about improving Public Safety for everyone.


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