August 2014 – Book Review – Beaver Creek (available now!)

by   the fans of – Laura Chiappetta Thompson


From the 19th Century through to today – this new (just published) history book from Laura Chiappetta Thompson – about Beaver Creek, Colorado has the most amazing collection photos about the history of Beaver Creek – the ECT has ever seen.


In the first few pages you’ll quickly learn why some of the streets in (what became) Beaver Creek and Avon – are named the way they are – with a history of the Holden’s, Metcalf’s and Nottingham families – some of the original homesteaders that arrived just after the Homestead Act of 1862 – became law.

The book has some photos of the original homestead cabins and moves quickly on to the present (circa 1980) when the real genesis of the Beaver Creek Resort began.  The Ski Resorts development, President Gerald Ford’s part, and an army of the folks active in the Ski Resort and Ski Racing industry at the time are covered in photographic detail.

If you are a history buff or not, a Beaver Creek homeowner or not – you’ll want to have this book in your home library collection.

You can order this book online (just click on the graphic above) or contact Ms. Kayla Brown at Arcadia Publishing directly.

Kayla Brown

Marketing Assistant

Arcadia Publishing

ph: +1 843.853.2070 x127


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