From the Street

Remarkable wasn’t it?

Just moments before the current Avon Town Council was to approve their November 2014 ‘ballot language’ asking Avon voters for a $18.4 Million dollar – TAX INCREASE –they stopped!

…The current Town Council did a 180 and decided NOT to put that question to the Avon voters!  Their Ballot language was in writing – only awaiting for the Council to approve that language for the November 2014 Ballot.  They killed it.

Yes, that Tuesday decision came ~24 hours after the ECT story broke (Monday same week) about that proposed Tax Increase (Click Here)

Now for the Scary part of the Avon Town Council.

Evidence?  OK – there’s this video…from the folks at Eagle County’s – TV Channel 5 (Comcast) the independent TV channel that TV/videos most of the Town Council meetings today.

Dateline:  Tuesday, August 26th 2014 – Avon Town Council Meeting (TV/video)


Go to their “Video Library” from that web link on their home page…

Town of Avon – Videos, August 26th 2014 Meeting.


In that video at ~ 13:50 minutes in – is the discussion about the COST of the Council’s (read: your Avon Taxpayer) obligation to pay for this Council’s “Music Pavilion” and “Main Street Project!  When asked by an Avon Resident “what the term (read: cost) to the Avon Taxpayer is…for this development – No One on the Council, KNEW!!!  Nor did they seem to be concerned about the future Tax obligation to the Avon Taxpayer.

Watch this Video – if you are an Avon Taxpayer.  (10) new Avon Town Council candidates have stepped up for the (4) seats available this November 2014.


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