Local Political Candidates–Tentative Debates and Dates

by  the ‘open and transparent’ folks here at the ECT

The Mid-Term elections happen this Tuesday, November 4th 2014.  Along the way you’ll have a chance to meet and hear what some of our local Eagle County and State office candidates have to say in local debates.

All Candidate Debates are TENATIVELY scheduled for 6:00pm – in the Eagle County Building (in Eagle) the same place/big room where the County Commissioners meet.

NOTE:  The ECT folks have made each Candidates (name below) CLICKABLE so that interested folks can reach the Candidates election web site – or Facebook page for more Candidate information!

Tentative Scheduled Debate – 6:00PM – Thursday, September 11th 2014

Candidates for Colorado State Senate (District 5) and Colorado State House (District 26)

Colorado State Senate –  Kerry Donovan (D) vs. Don Suppes (R)

Colorado State House  –  Chuck McConnell (R) vs. Diane Mitsch Bush (D)

Tentative Scheduled Debate 6:00PM – Tuesday, September 16th 2014

Eagle County Commissioners (District 2 & 3) seats are up in November

Jeanne McQueeney (D) vs. Dick Mayne (R)                 (District 3)

Courtney Holm (R) vs. Kathy Chandler-Henry (D)   (District 2)

Eagle County Sheriff

Daric Harvey (D) vs. James Van Beek (R)

Eagle County Coroner

Sue Franciose (R) vs. Kara Bettis (D)


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