Sky Acrobats – take flight over KEGE–Gypsum, Colorado

by  Jimmy Olsen photography


Yep, that’s our Eagle County Regional Airport/FAA designation (KEGE) that was “closed” for a brief period of time this past weekend.


Because of the amazing Flight Acrobatics performed by (2) incredibly capable pilots!  Gary Rower of Rower Aviation flying his Boeing Stearman and Buck Roetman of Wild Horse Aviation flying his smaller and more maneuverable Pitts S2S biplane.


The ECT folks  were left “awestruck” wondering just what these (2) Pilots ate for their breakfast that Saturday morning….

Here is a good photo of both Aircraft on the tarmac at KEGE readying for their Saturday afternoon 3:00PM performance after their 11:00AM performance that morning.  Photo – Pitts Special (left) Boeing Stearman (right) 


Here are a few more favorite photos from that 2014 Wheels and Wings Airshow at KEGE, the Red Jet below is a British Jet Trainer – Provost T-Mk5


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