A Fresh Idea – For Eagle County

by    Clayton Moore

Here’s ECT big new IDEA!

Goal:  Reduce the Cost of Eagle County’s Health Insurance from HIGHEST Heath Insurance Costs in the Nation!

How?  Increase competition for the Vail Hospital and the Vail Valley Medical Center – at large.  This will unquestionably lower what we all pay for our Health Insurance.

The Plan.  Take some of Eagle County’s existing and overabundant Taxpayer (paid for) “open space” land and make that County Property available as a ($1.00/yr.) Lease (25-50 years?) – to attract any (outside Eagle County) Medical entity willing to build (read: pay for) a new Medical Facility (example: ASC Ambulatory Surgery Center) –  in Eagle County, Colorado. 


The Deal?  Said new Medical entity leasing the County land would also have to agree to an annual Medical Cost (County) Audit where their “fee for medical service” could be no more (on average) than say…30-35% more than what Metro Denver Medical Facilities charge.  Eagle County does not control what they can charge – only the price “range” they operate in.  This (somewhat) like how Medicare (pays) today…The new operator will be encouraged to “make a profit” – however discouraged/prevented from charging 3-5 times as much as Denver Medical Rates – which is exactly what the Vail Hospital/VVMC is doing (in too many Medical cases) today.  The annual (audit) would be no more invasive than what a normal hospital endures – from Government Medicare audits today.  Got it?

Said Operator still makes a reasonable profit – and the cost of new Eagle County Medical Facilities (Utilities – electric, water…etc.) could be negotiated in as part of the deal as well.

Go Ahead.  Tweak our Numbers, adjust the deal/offer – however – remember the GOAL is to introduce Medical Competition into what every Taxpayer in Eagle County – pays for his/her Health Insurance.  Remember, County Open Space Land is paid for by us Taxpayers today.  Let’s put some of that land to good use – to the benefit of all!

If a suitable County Open Space land parcel is not available today – then the next “open space purchase” should be targeted…at say….mid-valley at Avon/Traer Creek’s land – near the Wal~Mart’s I-70 exit.

Don’t tell the ECT – it can’t be done.  With effective elected leadership – it can be done and perhaps become a medical model for other Communities trying to lower their Health Insurance Costs as well!


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