Ski Utah!–Well…Vail Resorts wants you to Consider it!

Ski Utah?

Epic-Ski-Pass-Cummings-Utah-PCMR-12SEPT2014Well why not?  Somebody else thought it was a good idea…as Vail Resorts stock (MTN) shot up to close at $87.53/share last week.

Some of the Ski industry News was….

Vail Resorts plans to joint together existing Utah Ski Resorts to a combined ~7,000 acres – which would (then) make it the biggest (combined/lift served) Ski Resort area in North America.

And that’s just the Ski Mountain(s).  The Ski Resort Real Estate development potential?  Huge.  No doubt VR’s (real estate/advance team?)  has been quietly working in Utah – in anticipation of their big Lawsuit (Click Here) being settled.  The announcement that it was settled came last week.

Your Epic Mix Ski Pass now works in Utah too.  Another reason to visit this year – and if you don’t like big local crowds – visit Utah during the first (2) weeks of February – during the World Ski Championships in Vail and Beaver Creek.

You also can worry (a bit less) about the Pot Smokers on the slopes.  Arguably, less of them there in Utah, where folks still respect and enforce – Federal Drug Law.  It’s also a lot easier to drive from the Salt Lake Airport – to Skiing, than it is from DIA (via I-70) into Vail and Beaver Creek.

Did the ECT mention that Utah already has Hosted the Winter Olympics?  There is talk that Salt Lake City would like to do that again (Click Here)  In the ECT’s view – now that VR is in Utah in a BIG way…the chances of ever seeing the Winter Olympics in Colorado are about zero.  At least in our lifetime.

Anybody wanna’ guess just whose photo that is on the above Epic Mix Ski Pass?  Let us know.


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