2014 Candidate Debates – Coroner – Commissioner – Sheriff

by  Eagle County Television (ECO TV 18) and Jimmy Olsen videos here at the ECT.

Special Thanks to Eagle County Television (ECO TV 18) technology wizard – Josh Stowell for this video.

Failure “in the Ranks”?  The biggest disappointment of the Debate evening were the (4) County Commissioner Candidates who DID NOT speak to the fact (we all) have the Highest Health Insurance costs – in the Nation!  (Click Here).  Worse Yet?  Neither of the two Debate moderators – even brought up that Issue – even when they had that question submitted to them on a card.

Eagle County, Colorado – 2014 Candidate Debate – Coroner

Sue Franciose (brunette) vs. incumbent County Coroner Kara Bettis (blonde)
EagleCountyTimes.com folks calls this debate a win for challenger Sue Franciose.  What do you think? Leave the ECT a comment!   Debate is 16 minutes and 38 seconds..

 Eagle County, Colorado – 2014 Candidate Debate – Commissioner, District 3

Jeanne McQueeney vs. Dick Mayne.  Voters should NOTE that Jeanne McQueeney is your current (elected) president of your Eagle County School Board.  To date (22SEPT2014) Ms. McQueeney HAS NOT stated if she will resign her School Board seat…should she be elected County Commissioner.  Ms. McQueeney has stated publicly – that our School Boards “annual budget” is bigger than Eagle County’s…

Eagle County, Colorado – 2014 Candidate Debate – Commissioner, District 2

Courtney Holm vs. (incumbent) Kathy Chandler-Henry  This is the first election for Chandler-Henry as she was appointed to fill the District 2 County Commissioner seat when (then) Commissioner Jon Stavney resigned his post to become the much higher paid – Town Manager of Eagle, Colorado

Eagle County, Colorado – 2014 Candidate Debate – Sheriff

Deric Harvey vs. James van Beek.  James van Beek won the GOP Primary election (June 2014) against incumbent Sheriff – Joe Hoy.  Hoy’s term as Eagle County Sheriff ends in January 2015 – when the Sheriff, Commissioners and Coroner will be sworn into their new respective offices to start their (4) year terms.


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  1. [Denver Post] Colorado regulators approve health insurance premiums 1 percent higher
    “[…] Mountain resorts and other West Slope rural communities, historically stuck with the most expensive health premiums, benefitted from the Division of Insurance’s consolidation of two rating areas into one. Their 2015 rates will decrease by an average of 7.44 percent across all carriers … This past year, the premiums in the mountain areas of Colorado have been a concern for many,” insurance commissioner Marguerite Salazar said in a press release. “We are encouraged to see carriers such as Anthem and the Colorado Health-Op working with health-care providers in the mountain areas to develop more affordable insurance options for 2015. Areas that had enjoyed some of the lowest premiums, the Greeley and Fort Collins areas, will see average premium increases of 4.57 percent and 5.26 percent, respectively …” http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_26583687/colorado-regulators-approve-health-insurance-premiums-1-percent

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