Avon – Millions in Cost Overruns – for their Pavilion

If the current Avon Town Council has their way…the Avon Taxpayer will be paying Millions more in Cost Overruns – for their Avon Pavilion by the Lake.  Current (Sept 2014) projected cost?  $3.8 Million.   The projected cost (just 2 1/2 months ago) in July 2014?   $1.9 Million  That’s about a $2 Million dollar cost overrun in just (3) months!  Just imagine what this Avon Council could do – given (6) months of more mismanagement!

At the last Avon meeting (16SEPT2014) their Town Council admitted that they used a construction process known as “Design Build” – when Construction started BEFORE Council knew what the total cost would be!

Incredibly – at the last meeting current Town Council members said publicly – this Design Build concept was approved because “it was going to save Avon money.”

Well, it backfired…and the current Town Council now wants the Avon Taxpayer to pay millions in additional Avon (Real Estate Transfer Taxes) to “cover” for their own Cost Overruns!

How did this happen?

Their Council moved forward (16SEPT) with a Construction Financing technique called “Certificates of Participation” which is used to (prevent and avoid) a Public/Taxpayer VOTE from Avon Citizens – as required by TABOR Law.

Below is Avon Town Council candidate – Peter Buckley’s comments on that Taxpayer Issue from Avon’s last meeting!

Avon, Citizens are encouraged to attend the next meeting in Avon – Tuesday, September 23rd and give their views – during public comment!


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