Avon’s 2nd Multi-Million dollar Fiscal Fiasco

by  Clayton Moore

How much worse can it get?

Dateline:  Monday, September 21st 2014

FACT:  Avon’s Mayor doesn’t want you Avon Taxpayers to vote on this.  He’s demanding instead that you to PAY Millions more in Real Estate Transfer Taxes!

How does he and the other current Avon Councilmembers plan to do this?

Here’s How:  Via and through the Avon Town manager (Virginia Egger) he issues his instructions to the Town Finance Manager (Scott Wright) – to engage a Bond Council (Butler-Snow) for the purpose of getting “Certificates of Participation” that obligates Avon Property Owners – to millions more in long term debt!


Coming right on the heels of his Council’s $2 Million dollar cost overrun for his Music Pavillion…this Mayor wants to issue an additional $5.7 Million in “certificates of participation for a new Avon Town Hall on TOP OF the $3.8 Million, “certificates of participation” for the Music Pavilion!

Remember using these CoP’s side step TABOR (you don’t get to vote on spending the funds) and requires the Avon Taxpayer to pay $9.5 Million (assuming no additional cost overruns) in the years to come!

Avon Homeowners (all Avon property owners)  are already saddled with a 2% (RETT – Real Estate Transfer Tax) on their property, which is higher than Edwards (Singletree & Homestead) and higher than Eagle Vail’s as well. What do you think will happen to your Avon property value – should this additional $9.5 million dollar (debt) be issued?

What can Avon Taxpayers do about this?

Answer:  Show up at the next Avon Town Council meeting (Tuesday, September 23rd 2014) Avon Town Hall – 5:00PM.  Public Comment scheduled for 5:15PM that evening.  Feel free to bring your torches and pitch forks!



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