What? My Campaign Party is, Illegal?

by  Clayton Moore

Stupid-Candidate-2Say What?  My Campaign Pot party is Illegal?

Yes, your proposed Campaign Party is illegal, and that is why it was just Cancelled in Vail this past weekend.

The Libertarian Candidate for Colorado’s Senate (District 5 includes Eagle County) had scheduled a fund raising “Pot themed Campaign dinner” in Vail (Sonnenapls’s Garmisch-Munich room) this past weekend.  (Click Here)

Oooops.  Turns out…that’s illegal, especially in Vail.  You can’t hold a public campaign fundraiser and distribute Pot/THC laced “food” – and call it a “Food and Wine Fine Dining Cannabis Exploration” for the obvious purpose of raising funds for your campaign.

What Mr. Mulcahy does in his private Colorado home – with interested friends…is a completely different (and legal) matter, now isn’t it?

ECT Campaign Tip:  We all know where (most) Libertarian candidates stand on the issue of “drug use”.  ECT just thinks it would be a good idea for any future (Colorado State Legislator?) to become more familiar with the Colorado drug laws currently on the books…Our friends over at the Sonnenalp in Vail might want to consider that as well.

One wonders if Mr. Mulcahy even knows…that both Eagle and Pitkin County’s (both in Colorado’s Senate District 5) have the HIGHEST Health Insurance costs in the Nation.

His solution?  Just have some of my special “gourmet cookies” – then you won’t mind as much, paying so much?

Yep, Mr. Mulcahy is the undisputed winner of the Alfred E. Newman campaign award this week!



2 responses

  1. For an event that was supposedly “cancelled” it was surprisingly well attended – with a fine time had by all. At no time was fundraising mentioned. Hey, ECT, check your sources before going off on another rant!

    • Not so fast, Rick Bosman! The campaign “pot party” was cancelled in Vail. Specifically, the events scheduled use of the Sonnenalp’s Garmisch-Munich room. To prevent further Colorado Law violations – it was MOVED to a small room/suite in the Sonnenalp for that evening.
      ECT’s point (and our story) remains 100% correct – had this Colorado Senate candidate (SD5) known what the Pot Laws are…no event move would have been necessary. It would have been scheduled correctly and legally in the first place!
      Thanks for reading the ECT!

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