Avon’s Town Council – Won’t Listen

by  the Fans of Rod Serling

Imagine if you Will…you’re living in a Town where your elected Town Council – just won’t listen!

– Where Multi-Million dollar cost overruns are just ignored by the Council in charge of managing to prevent them.  (Click Here)

– Where Multi-Million dollar Capital Construction contract was awarded to “one of their own” – a sitting Avon Town Council member.

– Where Millions in additional long term Avon DEBT – is issued against your real Avon Property in the form of ‘Certificates of Participation’ – you, Avon Property owner get the bill – but don’t get a Vote!

– Where handing a Canadian Company ~$40,000.00 for the design of a new Town Logo – instead of holding a local CONTEST among our Students to design a new Avon logo for thousands – less.

-Where Avon Citizens line up – one after the other – to speak during the Public Hearings of their elected Government.  And then are summarily IGNORD.


That place today (doesn’t exist in the Twilight Zone) it exists in Avon, Colorado today.  Long time Real Estate professional – Bob West – at the Avon podium.


The current Avon Council – doesn’t listen – however rest assured Avon Taxpayer – this current Council – doesn’t ignore what you have to say – on an empty stomach!


THERE IS GOOD NEWS TO REPORT! –   (4) Town of Avon Council seats are up for election this November 4th 2014.

Avon Taxpayers and Voters – would be VERY WISE – to elect (4) NEW Council members determined to change the way that Avon – does business.!


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