Dr. Glass – may need new Glasses

by  Clayton Moore

Dr. Jason Glass is our Eagle County Public School Superintendent.

Last week – Dr. Glass advised Eagle County voters – on what his view and position is on Colorado’s Proposition 104.  Yes, Proposition 104 is a Colorado State wide Ballot question that is printed on your Eagle County Ballot – for you to vote on.

From Dr. Glass’s column last week – (he wants you to vote No!)


Here is the actual Ballot Language that is printed on your Eagle County Ballot!


Say What, Dr. Glass?  Ambiguous and Poorly Worded?

For the Record the ECT folks recommend you VOTE YES! on Proposition 104 – if for no other reason than “open and transparent” governance is a good thing.

Dr. Glass might want to get his reading glasses checked.  ECT not sure why the word “any” confuses Dr. Glass in the above Ballot Language.  Ambiguous Ballot Language?  Not to the ECT – however having studied some of the TCAP/TSAP Public School scores and ranking reports – and the word “ambiguous” came to mind many times while trying to get a reasonable “handle” on what we were reading about the overall performance of Eagle County Public Schools.  There is little chance of Dr. Glass reasonably explaining his/our Public School “state rankings” if Dr. Glass finds this Ballot Language ambiguous…

‘nuff said – VOTE YES!


One response

  1. Ballot is quite clear. Maybe it’s the message [“You will be fully and wholly transparent BOE and Super”] that Dr. Glass contends…because I believe his glasses are just fine and as an educational leader-his reading comprehension is also most excellent, right?

    “Vote Yes” – vote yes to anything that makes schools spending/discussions/hiring/collective bargaining etc freely available to the public who pays for the above-mentioned… remember this is OUR schools-OUR Due Bills in the end.

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