Hungry for some – Real Science?

by   the fans of Quantum Entanglement

Perhaps it’s time to organize an Eagle County Field Trip – to enjoy some Field Theory.  We just have to jump in our cars for a bit – to arrive at the location where we can – Aspen.  The Aspen Center for Physics just announced their Winter Schedule of Physics lectures for 2015.  (Click Here) for their new Winter Schedule of lectures!

Don’t Worry!  The Public Lectures go real easy on the Arithmetic!  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never taken your first derivative (partial or otherwise) – the public lectures are organized to inform on recent topics in Physics – not to confuse.

A background in clear thinking is helpful as terms like “ECO”, “Global” and “World Class” are terms – not used very often by this group of Scientists.  That’s because these folks – are the real Scientists.

The FREE Public lectures are delivered at Aspen’s downtown Wheeler Opera House…but be aware – while the secrets of our Universe are revealed at these Lectures – the Physics of “where to park” in Downtown Aspen (during Ski Season) remains an unsolved problem – by the 52 Novel Laureates that have participated, so far.  Car Pooling it seems, is still their recommended Space-Time solution.



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