After All – They’re just the FISHWRAP!

by   Clayton Moore

Rogers-Really-DumbWhy not just tell the voters – the TRUTH – and let them figure it out?

Well…if you’re the Fishwrap – that’s usually out of the question.

Here at the ECT – we tell the truth every day.  Let’s begin.

Below is the Political Ad (from Wednesday last week) that the Fishwrap claims was “run by the Fishwrap – by mistake”.  (Click Here)



As of Friday, October 3rd – the YouTube web page – made by the Democrats – show only 104 web page views of the alleged controversial debate/video.  So what, Kaye Ferry and Jane Lowery?

The ECT’s take?  OK – ECT folks listened to the entire SD5 candidate debate/video held in the Eagle County building, in Eagle.

1 – As usual both debate moderators questions to the candidates – were WEAK.  Again, not one question about our (SD5) HEALTH CARE INSURANCE COSTS – which are the highest in the United States.

2 – To the ECT…the democrat candidate…seemed especially well coached and prepared (very polished) not to answer direct questions.  Deflection was used.  Example:  “I think what’s important is to have a discussion about…” – then just not answer the question.

3 –  The Republican was not quite as polished in his answers.  Not as practiced, as if this might be the first time – he’d heard the questions.

4 –  Over all their debate video was pretty bland…no real (fireworks?) displayed by either candidate.

Let the ECT know – what you think…Here at the ECT you can watch the video WITHOUT having to answer (read: click on) any STUPID questions that the Fishwrap requires you to answer – before viewing the public record video.



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