Hilarious! – EC Dems

by   Eagle County’s Grammar Police

Topic:  Last Friday’s letter to the Editor from EC Dem Chairwoman – Jane Lowery.

What exactly is the Chairwoman of the Eagle County Democrats – talking about?

Say What?   “…these debates is not unavailable online…”  HUH?

Good Grief.  Even the Fishwrap folks were able to produce a web page link – to the debate video in question, Ms. Lowery.  The ECT also has a direct link to that YouTube video as well.

Ms. Lowery is just -Too Funny! 


Apparently – the (copy editors?) at the Fishwrap – were (not in the mood?) to help out Ms. Lowery’s letter to their editor…

Ms. Lowery’s obvious experiment – mixing a (double entendre?) with a double negative takes local Political Speech to a whole new level.

A reasonable person – would have difficulty disagreeing with Ms. Lowery’s statement – on the grounds that no one can tell for sure…exactly what Ms. Lowery is talking about!

In any event the ECT folks look forward to Ms. Lowery’s next “letter to the editor” – after all, who knows what fascinating new political points might be made next time!

Sheesh!  Once again – Here’s the debate video Ms. Lowery is regrettably confused about.

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