McQueeney’s Mischief???

by  Clayton Moore

Ms. Jeanne McQueeney – is the current President (elected) of your Eagle County Public School Board.  (Click Here)  Ms. McQueeney is also running today, to be your next Eagle County Commissioner – against her opponent Dick Mayne.  The Commissioner seat they’re running for (Nov. 2014) is being vacated by (term limited) Commissioner Sara Fisher…

Mc-Queeney-GlassUnder the direct support of (McQueeny’s employee/direct report) Dr. Jason Glass, the current Eagle County Public School Superintendent…is 100% endorsing a “Commissioner Candidate Debate – on your Public School Property. (Photo – McQueeney-Glass)


More Mischief?   Anyone who has spoken to Ms. McQueeney on her campaign trail knows Jeanne is fond of telling Eagle County (voters & taxpayers) that the current EC School District Budget (she manages) is much bigger than the annual Eagle County Budget (she has to get elected, to manage).

The Political/Ethical Issue?  To date (5OCT2014) Ms. McQueeney has NOT publically announced her (plan?) to resign as your elected School Board President – should she be elected – your next County Commissioner…

Why Not, Ms. McQueeney?

Even More Mischief, Ms. McQueeney?

Ms. McQueeney’s – current company (non-profit – Early Childhood Partners) depends on funding from Eagle County.

FACT:  On November 7th, 2006 – Eagle County voters, voted “NO” to then (Arn Menconi’s) ballot question to have EC Taxpayers fund pre-school “kiddie-care” some called it taxpayer funded “day-care”.

The County Voters said “NO” that November 2006.  58% to 42%


FACT:  Today in Eagle County – the company Ms. McQueeny runs (Early Childhood Partners) receives $104,464.00 from Eagle County – for the service of providing “early childhood experiences” for pre-School children in Eagle County.  (Screen shot below from Eagle County’s “OpenBook” – online check register)


For the Record:  the ECT has “no issue” with any private sector company (fundraising money) for the purpose of providing services to pre-school children.

Early-Childhood-PartnersHOWEVER:  When public money is used (especially after the voters said “NO”) – we have a real problem with our current County Commissioners – budgeting annually to do exactly that!

What might happen to that (Early Childhood Partners) annual County Budget – should Ms. McQueeney – get elected?

Are Eagle County voters, comfortable with (any one person) controlling and managing the (2) largest Budgets in Eagle County?  Our School Board – and Eagle County’s Budget?

ECT Readers – it is important that Eagle County Taxpayers and Voters have complete and factual information – before they vote.  Please share (via email) this weeks issue of the ECT with other voters – you believe will be interested!

One response

  1. What an obvious abuse of office. Little do you know that she also has sent out an email to all the PTA touting her election and pushing for grassroots help. How did our current commissioners approve such a conflict and pay a private company county funds owned by the head of the school board. Is there no morality in any of the commissioners? This is not a small payment there had to be several levels of approval for this much money. Are there no controls or do the county commissioners give an open checkbook to the school board? So normally this abuse would require a removal from the school board. Then there is no conflict about keeping the school board job along with being a county commissioner. If this does not happen and she is elected we are setting up the county to really spend in her favor.

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