Where’s Ansel?

by  the fans of Ansel Adams

While it’s true that Ansel Adams may have seen our favorite photo for this week as (Click Here) – we prefer our version below.  Just CLICK ON the photo of Mt. Jackson from Thursday, October 2nd 2014 to enlarge it!


ECT would like to thank our friend and ECT reader (Marvin Franklin – recently retired) for demonstrating his Photoshop skills – with our original digital photo.  He removed our DATE (what would Ansel have to say to that?) on the original photo and provided some interesting enhancements as well.  This ECT photo was taken with the sun just about on the western horizon – and a small slit in the clouds produced this (fiery?) effect on the already wet Aspen leaves.  The top of the Arrowhead Ski area (left) was still in the cloudy shadows of that evenings sunset.  You can also see (click on it to enlarge it) snow being blown off the top of Mt. Jackson in the distance.

The lighting for this shot lasted barely 90 seconds.  You had to be there.




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