Avon’s Top 10

by    Clayton Moore

Did you know that Avon – has a Top 10 list?

Turns out the Top Ten Council candidates debated Avon’s current Political Issues last Wednesday, October 8th 2014 – at the fully functional and still perfectly operational (and completely paid for) – Avon Town Hall.  Scroll down to learn more.


The perceptive ECT readers will notice (1) less candidate in the photo – than the (10) noted above…Turns out Avon Town Council candidate Tab Bonidy’s travel schedule had Tab out of Town – However Tab’s comments were also read at the Debate.  Special thanks to Avon resident Dave Strandjord – for passing on his photo from that evenings debate.

Avon voters might have missed their Debate?  NO PROBLEM!  Thanks to the Video Technology Wizard of TV Channel 5 (J.K. Perry) – you can watch that Debate online – anytime!

Just (Click  anywhere On) the image below – to go to Channel 5’s web page and their streaming video!  The FireFox web browser seems to work best for us – when streaming video, and FireFox lets you “fast forward” too!

Thanks to former Avon Council member Amy Phillips and debate moderator – Rohn Robbins for putting this televised debate together.


Also in attendance that evening was local Radio Personality – Tony Mauro 0f true local radio – KZYR 97.7 “the Vail Zephyr”.  Tony’s team also did a Radio “simulcast” of their debate – and their Radio Audio of that debate is also available online!

Just (Click On) the Graphic Below to Listen!



If you still don’t believe that Avon needs (4) NEW Avon Town Council members elected this November – perhaps this might finally convince you.

On September 22nd, 2014 – the Town of Avon (and current Town Council members) were SUED by Hoffmann Commercial Real Estate in Avon.  (Click Here) for a copy of that (public record) lawsuit – or just Click On the graphic below.


ECT FACTOID:  Notice the above list of Defendants – named individually.

NOTE that:   NOT ALL of the current Avon Town Council – were specifically named.


Why NOT?  Answer:  Because the Mayor – Rich Carroll and Vice Mayor (Mayor Pro Tem – Jennie Fancher) didn’t “show up for work” (read: didn’t vote) at that August 26th Town Council meeting – when the vote that provoked this new Lawsuit – took place!!!

([above graphic – taken from page 6 of 59] of the new Lawsuit filed in Eagle County – District Court against the Town of Avon.

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