From the Street

The North Side – of the West Side of Vail – is getting their own new Coffee Shop!

Thanks to the efforts of Jim Pavelich and his incredibly successful “North Side Coffee and Kitchen” in Avon.  (Click Here)   Jim’s new location in West Vail – is just a few steps west of the 1st Bank building in West Vail. 


Jim plans to have his new Coffee Shop online and operational just before Thanksgiving 2014!


From the Eagle County – Clerk and Recorders Office

Your November 2014 Election Ballot will be in the U.S. Mail to you – starting Wednesday, October 15th 2014.

REMEMBER!  The election is a “mail in election only”.  Yes, you can drop off (or U.S. mail) your completed Ballot (don’t forget to sign it!!) at any of the Eagle County Offices (Avon, Eagle, El Jebel) on or before election day HOWEVER there will be NO traditional “polling place with election judges” on election day – Tuesday, November 4thKara-Bettis 2013.  If you haven’t received YOUR BALLOT by Monday, October 20th 2014 – you might want to contact the Eagle County Clerks office at – W  970.328.8728

Don’t forget – Sign your Ballot, drop it off at the County office on or before election day – and save yourself the Postage!

From the Street?  No “on the street” Eagle County Coroner Candidate Kara Bettis discovered campaigning up valley this past weekend.  Kara’s opponent (Sue Franciose) is the pretty ‘blue-eyed’ brunette candidate – and thanks to the ECT you all can watch (the video of) these two ladies in their recent debate.  (Click Here)

ECT’s question this week!   OK – just what does a County Coroner candidate wear – for her Halloween Costume?  Ladies, send the ECT a photo of your Halloween Costume – and the ECT will publish it!

Colorado’s Senate – Election 2014?

The Real-Story about Kerry Donovan vs. Don Suppes – is that Colorado’s Senate is within (1 or 2 votes – actually one or two election Races) from changing control from the Democrat’s  majority of today – to possibly Republican control after the November 4th 2014 election.

The Reason – this is a “big deal” is that when (1) party is in the Majority – ALL the Chairmanships, of all the Colorado Senate Committees (and sub-committees) are headed by that majority Party.  Bottom Line – that Party then “controls the legislative agenda” until the next election, when that election process begins again.

THAT’S WHY – you see all this (527  $$$) coming into our this Senate District 5 race – that Eagle County (and your vote) is a part of!


 Minturn, Colorado – In the News

Willie-PowellECT guesses he got Bored.

After Retiring as the Town of Eagle’s – Town Manager for over (2) decades – Willie Powell is “back on the Job” hired and working now as Minturn’s “interim Town Manger” since June 2014.  Willie can be reached at W 970.827.5645 or at –   manager-at—

Willie – is overseeing the Town of Minturn’s new – Minturn Fitness Center (Click Here) or call the new Fitness Center at 970.790.5090.  It’s located at the South end of Town in Maloit Park.  Plenty of Free Parking.




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