Jeanne McQueeney – Prepared to Resign

by  Clayton Moore

Mc-Queeney-ECT-PhotoJeanne McQueeney – is running to be elected (Nov. 2014) as your next Eagle County Commissioner.

Ms. McQueeney – is also (currently) serving as your elected Public School Board President.

Last week Ms. McQueeney – answered the question – put to her, by the –

Q.)  Should you be elected as the next Eagle County Commissioner – will you RESIGN your current elected position on the Public School Board?

Please (Click On) the graphic below to enlarge it.


To Be FAIR to Ms. McQueeney – she also address concerns put to her Commissioner Campaign about (monies) her Non-Profit currently receives in the form of Grants from Eagle County today.

ECT’s Background Report on that subject is (Click Here)

ECT readers interested in Ms. McQueeney’s (verbatim) answers to the questions about Eagle County Grant Monies – received by Ms. McQueeney’s (non-profit) – and our School Board, can be read below.

Ms. McQueeney’s verbatim answers submitted to the ECT last week – can be read by (Clicking Here).

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