NOAA calls it a – Sun Dog over Eagle County – Last Week!

by   the fans of  Mark Trail

NOAA-NWS-logoIt’s known as a “Sun Dog” by the National Weather Service.

Last Tuesday, October 7th 2014 at about 5PM – Eagle County, Colorado was treated to a highly unusual Natural phenomenon in our western sky.

ECT photographer – Jimmy Olsen – didn’t know (at the time) just what it was in the Sky – only that “to see 2 suns” at the same time is very unusual.  There is ZERO photoshop work in this photo – and the only glass involved was the lens of last Tuesday’s digital camera.  Jimmy did know – where to go to find out.  A quick email to Jim Pringle’s team at NOAA/NWS in Grand Junction, Colorado – solved the weather (2 suns in the sky) mystery.  Jim’s NOAA/NWS motto at work is “Building a Weather-Ready Nation” as Jim is NOAA’s – Warning Coordination Meteorologist in Grand Junction.  For more information about NWS in Grand Junction – (Click Here)


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