Bernie’s Beat

by  Clayton Moore

Avon’s Officer – Bernie McGovern (609) is a 16 year Veteran on the Avon Police force.

And everybody likes Bernie!  Including the manager of Avon’s Shell Station Ms. Anakut Loya (right) and Ms. Kenia Gomez (left).  Two very photogenic young ladies if ever we met them!


Bernie is also a (many+1) year veteran of the men’s local Hockey League – so good luck to anyone who thinks they might be able to “Mix it Up” with Bernie!

Also serving with Bernie on Mornings in Avon – is Officer Tyler Churches (615) – who is an expert at running the (MDT) Mobile Data Terminal (photo) in each Police vehicle.  These terminals (laptops actually) are connected via the Internet to some very sophisticated Law Enforcement database(s) available to any Officer with the access skills of Tyler.  Tyler just uses his right hand (only) to find out almost anything about any vehicle and driver Tyler may have stopped on his morning Beat.


ECT’s advise this week?  If you’re driving through Avon – buckle up and mind the speed limit in Avon.  These Avon Officers are well trained and highly skilled.

Avon’s Police Chief – Robert Ticer – also in the news from last week!

Avon’s Chief Ticer gave a citizens award to Kurt Kuper – who assisted Avon PD in the apprehension of a “suspect on the run”.  Mr. Kuper literally “tackled” the suspect running from an Avon officer – and held him – till the Officer caught up and put the hand cuffs on him.  Mr Kuper (center) is flanked to his right by his parents who flew in from the East Coast for his award presentation.  Also in the photo (R- Tyler Churches, Chief Robert Ticer – all the way right Avon’s Mayor – Rich Carroll.



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