ECT Correction from Last week!

by  Clayton Moore

Avon’s “mayor pro tem” or if you prefer (Vice Mayor) Ms. Jennie Fancher has requested the ECT issue a “correction” to a report in the ECT from last week.

Ms. Fancher pointed out that the information in that ECT article was INCORRECT.

The ECT pointed out to Ms. Fancher – that the information the ECT reported/repeated was printed in the original lawsuit filed by Hoffman Commercial Real Estate against the TOA and individual Council members.

Here is the incorrect/inaccurate information printed in that Lawsuit…that the ECT repeated (read: relied on as accurate)…(from page 6 of the 59 page lawsuit) (Click Here)


Ms. Fancher was quite clear…insisting that “she was at that meeting – doing her elected job” AND BY ALL RIGHTS – should have been mentioned (to be included and sued as well) with the list of named defendants, because she was at that meeting – doing her elected Job – of voting in a way that provoked this new litigation against Avon.

Fair Enough.  Ms. Fancher was at that meeting and votes (with the rest of the Avon Council members) in a way that provoked Hoffman Commercial Real Estate – to sue the Town of Avon with a new (September 22nd 2014) lawsuit.  

The ECT regrets that we relied on the (inaccuracy) of the information that Attorney – David H. McConaughy – of Garfield & Hecht, P.C. printed in his filed lawsuit on page 6 of 59.

Original ECT Report that contained the inaccurate information is (Click Here)



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