Avon’s Future! – It’s in the East!

Anyone who has shopped at Avon’s Wal~Mart and Home Depot knows – there’s hundreds of Acres of undeveloped land in East Avon.

That’s where Avon’s real future is – unquestionably going to be.

He’s what they’re not telling you –

The hundred’s of Acres of land (in East Avon) owned by Traer Creek was originally brought into the Town of Avon under a legal agreement called the “1998 Annexation Agreement” – where specific development rights (the original PUD) were granted to Avon developer – Traer Creek.  Interestingly, VD Columnist (Richard Carnes – serving on Avon Town Council at the time – voted on that 1998 – Agreement)

PUD  = Planned Unit Development

Where are we today?  Fast Forward (16) years.  Today – since the (multi-year) litigation is now settled between Avon and developer Traer Creek. – the new Settlement Agreement that is now in place is (for all intensive purposes) the new development PUD.

Q.)  Why isn’t the current Avon Town Council (that approved this settlement agreement) – even talking about it!  Hundreds of Acers of new Avon Development now underway!

(Photo – Traer Creek’s land North of I-70 at the Wal~Mart & Home Depot Exit)


To the left of the photo – is the new, BIG, UERWA “Water Tank” that will be filled with water this coming week.  UERWA = Upper Eagle River Water Authority.  Turns out that new Water Tank was required by both the Water and Fire Districts to be online and operational before any new significant Development could take place on Traer Creek’s land.

Also happening now – Commercial Real Estate offerings by Traer Creek including (most likely) a new “cement pad” that a new I-70 Gas Station could use – as a site for a new station (Photo Below).  Also possible – a commercial site for a new (north side) I-70 Hotel between Vail and Beaver Creek – Ski Resorts.


Bottom Line:  Don’t be fooled by the tiny 2015 (intended) development (distractions?) the current Avon Town Council – is promoting.  Their so called “Main Street and Town Hall plans” are incredibly insignificant – compared to what is (really happening) now in East Avon –not because of today’s Avon Council – but in spite of them.

The “real action” in Avon will be on hundreds of acres of land owned by developer Traer Creek – now and into the next several years in Eagle County.  You can Bank on it.


East Avon Development vs. WHAT?

Avon’s Current Town Council – (Reviews/Prefers?) their Big Development Plans for Bathrooms on Main Street!


(Click on above Graphic for John Leconte’s complete report)

To find out what is really happening in Avon – send an email to LetAvonVote@GMail.com

7 responses

  1. This is too funny: ” East Avon, Colorado – Jobs being created – Oct. 2014″ Really, how many jobs does a water tank create exactly?

    Are you seriously think there are a couple of big box stores on their way to Avon?

    • There are several hundred Acres of land in East Avon, North of I-70 (Wal~Mart) Exit now under development. the required new Water Tank is now in place – that was the “gating factor” to new Commercial Development on Avon Developers Traer Creek’s property. Don’t be fooled by the insignificant distractions the current Avon Council has printed in Monday’s Fishwrap. Thing are about to really “take off” in East Avon. Pay attention, to the big picture. It’s NOT about new public bathrooms…

  2. If somebody would have want another big box store in Avon, they would have build the water tank years ago. I am really curious who is building something in Avon. Maybe my friend Donald Trump is building a casino since they are doing so well in Atlantic City.

    • Sam’s Club: If somebody would have want another big box store in Avon, they would have build the water tank years ago.

      ECT: Dead Wrong. Turns out the 5+ year on going Litigation (now ended) prevented Avon developer Traer Creek from being able to Finance that new ~$2Million dollar water tank…That’s all behind them now. You’ll be reading more about this new East Avon development in the Fishwrap – in the next few days…The ECT has seen to that. Interesting isn’t it…Consider the only place in Eagle County today – where significant Commercial development is taking place…
      EC Stalled Developments? Wolcott – Hermes Development, Trinity Red, in Eagle – Eagle River Station, Minturn Dean Alder, Vail – “evervail” all stalled…Yet (Traer Creek’s) development in East Avon – on the move…in a very big way…

  3. Well they are just building a water tank and look if there is a market for noisy housing along I-70. We probably will see another gasstation that’s all.


    I was referring for the area between Trear Creek and the Town of Avon. That would have been a great place for affordable housing which we will miss this winter, great workers and great customers which will be missed too.

    Failed politics on all levels for decades. But at least we will get a overpriced stage in Avon.

  4. SQ: You need stop by the Traer Creek offices in Avon. ECT recently did. They have a lot of documents (big maps) of their current plans for the northside I-70 Commercial (down low) and Housing (high up) above I-70. Higher Density (more affordable) and some (trophy homes) above that. ECT encourages you to talk to Traer Creek! ECT concerned you are drawing inaccurate conclusions about things you don’t know about…In 5 years or less…the “center” of Avon will be in the East of Avon, including the areas you’re referring to in your last post.

  5. Developer always promise everything but they might or might not deliver but they never deliver all what they promised. That’s what I learned from the last decade. Half year ago they announced the Town of Wolcott and the last I heard the project is dead. (Not sure if this is true)

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