Avon’s Upcoming Referendum

by  Clayton Moore

Millions in new Debt for Avon?  Avon’s Council – doesn’t want the Citizen’s of Avon to Vote on that decision!

The Answer?    Avon’s Upcoming Referendum –

Update on the Referendum in Progress:  Monday, October 26th 2014

Referendum?  It’s a legal process where ~190 validated (read:  registered Avon voters) will allow Avon voters – to VOTE on whether to Approve – or NOT the Millions in proposed new debt in Avon caused by Ordinance 14-17.

How can you help? –  Send an email to   LetAvonVote@GMail.com

Below from Avon’s (already approved) Ordinance 14-17

that can be changed by (Voters) exercising the Referendum process


Background:  The current Avon Town Council “excluded” Avon Voters from this decision to spend Millions by using a financial technique called “Certificates of Participation”.   It’s 100% designed to “sidestep TABOR” and take your Voting Rights away – while the Town Council “saddles you and your Property with the bill” for all this new Debt…  The Council wants you to pay for this Debt (for decades) – using Avon’s 2% RETT (real estate transfer tax) – against all property (bought and sold) in Avon.

To find out MORE – about how YOU can put YOUR VOICE and VOTE back into accountable Avon Government –

Send and email to:     LetAvonVote@GMail.com

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