Fishwrap – Not printing Reasonable Letters

by    the defenders of our 1st Amendment

The  received communication this past week that ‘letters to the Editor’ specifically – letters endorsing one candidate vs. another – where NOT ALL being printed in the Fishwrap – (a.k.a Vail Daily).fishwrap

The ECT will print those letters.  Keep them polite – the ECT is a family online newspaper – and obvious, personal attack letters are not welcome here).

(Click Here) is a letter the ECT received last week from Joe Meglen of (Steamboat Springs).  Topic:  His choice for Colorado’s House District 26 (Eagle County + Routt County).  Joe prefers – Chuck McConnell.

(Click Here) – Letter endorsing James Van Beek for your Eagle County Sheriff.

An interesting Candidate endorsement (Fishwrap) letter from last week?  (You have to know the players).  Turns out…one of the current Eagle County GOP (Executive Committee) members (didn’t identify themselves as such) endorsed a female candidate last week.  This candidate’s election race is run officially as “non-partisan” – so there is no (R) nor (D) printed on your Ballot identifying this candidates party affiliation on your ballot – as being a member of one party or another.

Their letter of endorsement – didn’t identify their preferred candidate’s party affiliation either.

Could that be…because every single GOP candidate on the (Nov. 2012) Eagle County Ballot – lost in Eagle County during that 2012 election?  (Click Here)  The only GOP candidate that won in Eagle County – that year was Glenn Gallegos (R) – who went on to work as your elected University of Colorado – Regent.  It’s true.

Like the ECT stated above.  You have to know the players, folks…

Another curious letter printed in the Fishwrap last week – A FEMALE letter writer recommending the only (2) female candidates in one election race – on your Ballot – insisting in HER letter that…”it is my experience that the Town Council has functioned more efficiently and more transparently in direct proportion to the number of WOMEN on the board.”


The ECT wondered fair minded ECT readers – what might the reaction in our Community (at large) be had a MALE letter writer insisted in HIS letter that “it is my experience that the Town Council has functioned more efficiently and more transparently in direct proportion to the number of MEN on the board.”

Sexist?  Yeah…you get our ECT point.   No problem it would seem,  if you’re of one gender.  Turn it around and you’d be “run out of Town on Rail” your local reputation ruined, probably forever…

Jus’ Sayin….

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