Avon’s Patriot Candidates!

by  the fans of the Avon Candidates

Just what is an Avon Patriot Candidate?

Answer:  An Avon Town Council candidate that believes YOU the Avon Voters should have the final say on all these Millions of Dollars of proposed new DEBT in the Town of Avon.

Not the Avon Bureaucrats, not exclusively the Avon Town Council, not specific Avon special interests (based on location) – NO, the Avon Patriot candidates believe YOU the Avon Voter should decide – and are now supporting and circulating their Petition for Referendum, today – to make that happen for you!

(Click Here) to read Vail Daily Reporter – John LaConte’s story that appeared in Sunday’s paper.  It’s an excellent summary of what this is all about!

(Photo, L-R   Avon Voter Nancy Staquet, candidate Peter Buckley, U.S. Marine (Veteran) Dave Strandjord, candidate John Minervini and VD photographer Anthony Thornton)


Who are the (4) Avon candidates that spoken out Publically in support of having Avon Voters – make that decision?

Alphabetically, (Tab Bonidy, Peter Buckley, Angelo Loria and John Minervini)

If you would like to have your Voice heard and help and sign their Petition, please send an EMail to –  LetAvonVote@GMail.com  and a Petition circulator will contact you!

Voters! Please remember – you can drop off your signed Election Ballot on or before Election Day, this Tuesday, November 4th 2014 – at the County office building in Avon – (right next to Bob’s Place Restaurant)

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