Requiem for an Avon Referendum – Today!

by    the Avon Patriots for REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT

Requiem?? It was “Music to the Ears” of a overwhelming majority Avon Voters and Taxpayers.

Their Petition has been legally approved/certified by Avon’s Clerk and RecorderStranjord-2NOV2014 (Debbie Hoppe) and is now ready to be signed by all current Registered Avon Voters.

The Petition “Circulators” are themselves mostly Registered Avon Voters – all now possible because the Town of Avon is a “Home Rule” Municipality in Colorado.

What “provoked” this Avon Referendum in the first place?

Answer:  A majority of current Avon Councilmembers voting to use a TABOR “tax dodge” known as “Certificates of Participation” where Avon Voters were “usurped and sidestepped” by their own Town Council!

The Goal of their Referendum?  To have a “vote of the citizens, property owners and taxpayers” (read:  all current Avon Registered Voters) to let THEM DECIDE if Millions of dollars of Long Term (2 decades actually) Debt should be approved in the Town of Avon.

How many registered Avon Voter Signatures are required to certify the Referendum?

Answer:  ~196  And the team of Petition Circulators has till Thursday, November 13th 2014 to return those Signatures to Avon’s Clerk and Recorder.

Interested in Signing?  Please email –   and a Petition Circulator will CONTACT YOU!

So just “who pays” for Millions of new DEBT in the Town of Avon – should the Avon Voters vote to approve?

Answer:  Your Avon Real Property – that has attached to it a Town of Avon (2% Real Estate Transfer Tax) that will be dedicated to finance this millions of new debt..

No other community has a RETT as high as Avon’s 2% (except the trophy homes in Beaver Creek)  Singletree in Edwards (by comparison) is 0% – they have no Real Estate Transfer Tax in Singletree!

Many Avon Homeowners would prefer to see Avon RETT reduced to 1% – to make the homes more attractive in today’s competitive Real Estate Market!


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