Vail – How High for a Helipad?

by  the fans of Igor Sikorsky

Every Reasonable Person understands the value in having in our Community – a Helipad for Colorado’s Flight for Life, that saves lives for badly injured folks.

The tricky question is – where best to put it?

The ECT doesn’t know the best answer for that very tricky Public Safety question.

Today’s Eagle County “Flight for Life” Helipad is in Vail, near the Vail Hospital.  There is also an additional Helipad at the base of Beaver Creek Resort near Rte. 6.

Below from the Vail Helipad in use today.

Yes, an idling Helicopter is that NOISY!

Some folks (for the obvious reason) believe that a Hospital (roof top) may be the best choices…It might be in some cases…but not in all cases.


Because sometimes imperfect things can happen with Helicopters landing and taking off from the top of buildings.  Even in very good weather as this April 9th 2014 video shows!

Below from the University of New Mexico Hospital’s roof – April 9th 2014.

What the ECT folks have learned from studying some of these Helicopter Crash videos from YouTube….

There are many published YouTube Helicopter (crash videos) that show – neither bad weather, nor Pilot error seem to be the cause.

Rather, Helicopter mechanical problems during take off and or landing that seem to have been responsible for the crash.  Malfunctioning “tail rotors” causing the Helicopter to spin out of control before the crash seems to have happen a lot more than once…   (Click Here) and you’ll see what the ECT is talking about – and you can draw your own conclusions from the (many+1) published Helicopter crash videos.

Where best to put a new Vail Helipad?  The ECT doesn’t know.  What we do know is that careful consideration of this topic needs to take place in the interests of all our Public Safety.

To learn more about the current Vail Proposal to move the existing Vail Helipad to the top of a Hospital building (that hasn’t been built yet) – (Click Here)

The Proposed new Vail neighborhood Helicopter Flight Path – should this new Helipad be built? (Click Here)

One current Vail proposal…is east of Vail’s Evergreen Lodge and just west of the Weststar Bank building (108 South Frontage Road/West) as shown below.


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