Avon $1.97 Million – for this "Main Street"?

The ECT folks thought that you should know.

This so called new “Main Street” in Avon?

Well…the ECT’s take is that this certainly seems more like a Joke.  However the $1.9 Million Dollar Tax bill to Avon Taxpayers isn’t.

Where is this so called “Main Street – in Avon”?

Answer:  On the North Side of Avon’s “Seasons Building”.  Photo below – looking East along the so called “Main Street” – that isn’t.


Just the FACT’s Ma ‘am!

OK.  What did Avon Taxpayers get for $1.9 Million dollars of their Tax money?Standjord

FACT:  Main Street isn’t.  What it is….is a black top sidewalk – with no snow melt, on the north side of the Seasons Building in a predominantly “shady north side” especially in the middle of Winter.  The black top (side walk actually) isn’t really any wider that the black top, street bike trail that connects Breckenridge with the south end of Lake Dillon.

FACT:  There wasn’t any new/additional Public Parking created when the $1.9 Million was spent.  Which means – Commercial Real Estate opportunities will be greatly hampered compared to Edwards – Riverwalk area.

The result of this FACT:    Commercial Real Estate especially hard to Rent/Sell – when compared to Edwards Riverwalk development.  Note the date on the photo below.  It is AFTER the “opening date” of this new “Main Street”.  Just “who” is going to move their Commercial Business from Edwards/Riverwalk to Avon – with a much worse customer Parking Problem – and very little foot traffic?


GRANTED:  This area of Avon is a “hot bed of economic activity” – for any business that is in the business of – selling BLINDS.

The ECT would not be forthcoming if the ECT didn’t share a photo of some of the main (architect influencers, planners and supporters) of this $1.9 Million Dollar “Main Street” expenditure.  Photo below of the new 2015 (ski mural?) located on the East end of the Seasons Building – adjacent to the new Wyndham time shares still under construction as of this writing.

L-R  (Avon Town Manager Virginia Egger, ATC member Jennie Fancher, Rhonda Niederhauser)  Ms. Rhonda and husband Daniel are the proud owners of Columbine Bakery in Avon – across from the City Market.  A favorite breakfast and lunch stop for all the ECT folks!


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