Avon’s Very Popular Petition!

by  Clayton Moore

Why are these Avon Petition “circulators” smiling?

Because when you have the right issue – and are standing up for Avon voters…IT’S EASY TO GET MORE THAN ENOUGH signatures!

Avon Public Safety Officer “ Al Zepeda” stopped by Sunday afternoon to make sure traffic was flowing smoothly and safely for Petition Signers traveling past the “truck turn around” on Avon’s Metcalf Road on the way up to Wildridge and Wildwood.

L-R   Dave Strandjord, Al Zepeda Avon PD,  Tab Bonidy,  Angelo Loria


Dave Strandjord is a USMC (veteran) and Angelo reminded Dave that he too supports our Vets – as Angelo’s birthday is this Tuesday, Veterans Day – November 11!  So don’t forget to wish Angelo a “happy birthday” when you see him this week!  Semper Fi, Dave!

Avon Petition Signatures are still being taken – Please email  LetAvonVote@GMail.com to add your name to the already growing list of Avon Names on their Petition!


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