Traer Creek’s Development in Avon – Moving Again!

by  Clayton Moore

Avon’s Traer Creek Development – on the Move Again!

It’s a FACT.  While every other Eagle County approved Development – HAS STALLED –Traer Creek’s is now on the move!

Side Note:  (Stalled County Developments? – Eagle, Eagle River Station – Wolcott, Hermes Development, Minturn – Dean Alder, Vail’s Ever Vail project)

Update:  Now that the Avon Lawsuit between Avon and Traer Creek has settled – that new Settlement Agreement has become the new PUD (Planned Unit Development) for the ~1,800 Avon acers – to be developed in the years to come. Just (Click On) the graphic below.


Avon folks familiar with the I-70 Exit (the Avon Wal~Mart exit) will recognize the “north side” of that Exit in the photo above.  The top left of that photo shows the building and parking lot of the existing Ambulance Station at that Exit.

The top left of the graphic also shows room for a new Hotel – that would be located between Vail and Beaver Creek – an easy drive for any Hotel Shuttle moving Skiers from that site to Vail (9 miles east or Beaver Creek 3 miles south) from that new I-70 location.

Looking Ahead.  The plan for Avon Developer Traer Creek is to have the “right mix” of Commercial Properties on the North side of I-70 – so the “Legend Retail Group” has been hired by Traer Creek – to help define that mix.

What kind of Commercial Retailers does a company like the Legend Retail Group, represent?

Answer:  Lots.  (below graphic taken from the Legend Retail Group’s web site)  Just (Click On) the graphic below.


Looking Ahead?  Don’t be surprised to read in the next few months that – new Commercial Retailers – have been signed up (under contract) by Legend/Traer Creek and that new Construction could start as early as this Spring 2015.

Stay Tuned.

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